German Cosmetic Brands

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While being in another country one of the things we always find difficult is becoming acquainted with the local products. Which products are good or which products are good AND affordable? We want to show you some German products, starting with skincare. Of course there are many foreign cosmetic brands that you can get here, but also German brands are known for high quality and reasonably priced products throughout the world.


1. Bepanthol

Who wants to have dry and irritated skin? Right, nobody! And because Bepanthol fights against those problems, it´s a very popular brand also outside of Germany.

Bestseller: Bepanthol Lipcream // Price: ca. 3,50,-€


2. Dr. Hauschka

Hollywood loves our Dr. Hauschka: Beside Madonna, also Naomi Watt and Julia Roberts are optimizing their already beautiful faces with the natural cometic brand, whose ingredients are harvested in the propietary garden.

Bestseller: Rose Day Cream and Revital Mask // Price: ca. 15,-€ resp. 22,-€


3. Dr. Scheller

Another doctor who makes our skin glow with natural and highly effective ingredients.

Bestseller: Argan oil & Amaranth Anti Aging Serum // Price: ca. 13,-€


4. Nivea

If you´re talking about German skincare, you cannot leave out Nivea. The cream in the famous blue tin has been sold already since 1924. Beside that there are about 360 other products and it´s getting more and more.

Bestseller: Nivea Soft Creme // Price: ca. 2,-€


5. Eucerin

Eucerin, that you can buy in pharmacies, is for those with really sensitive skin. Beyoncé, Lucy Liu and Scarlett Johansson as loyal customers are quite likely to agree.

Bestseller: Hyaluron-Filler Day Cream // Price: ca. 19,-€


6. Balea / alverde

Both of the dm home brands Balea and alverde (natural cosmetics) offer every article… really EVERY article! Low-priced and of high quality in fact.


Balea 3in1 Face Wash, Peeling, Mask // Price: ca. 3,-€

alverde Anti-Aging Q10 Vitamin-Eye Serum // Price: ca. 4,-€


7. Linola

Linola is a known pharmacy brand, that is also used to treat extremely dry skin, e.g. Neurodermatitis.

Bestseller: Linola Fett Cream  // Price: ca. 11,-€


8. Kamill

Kamill concentrates on caring for you hands and nails and their hand cream is one of the most sold in Germany.

Bestseller: Hand & Nail Cream Classic // Price: ca. 1,50,-€


9. frei

Your skin shows if something is wrong. Pharmacist Walter Bouhon took that to heart and created products to rebalance the skin.

Bestseller: UREA 2in1 Face Cream 5% Urea // Price: ca. 10,-€


10. Klapp

Klapp is a brand “Made in Germany” as well. Over 30 years they have continuously been working on innovative products and have been successful all over the world ever since.

Bestseller: Immun Anti-Stress Cream Pack // Price: ca. 20,-€