Jugendwort 2014

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The German (Colloquial) Word of the Year 2014 is actually not a word anymore but a whole sentence: Läuft bei dir.

But how do people use “Läuft bei dir”?

The German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel explains: According to the jury of the Langenscheidt publishing house, consisting of adolescents, linguists, “Läuft bei dir” is another expression for “Good for you” and “It´s working out well for you, right?”, meaning “cool” but can also be used ironically.


For example

Situation 1

A: Ich hab einen neuen Job. Da hab ich mir direkt ein neues Auto gekauft ( I have a new job. So I bought a new car…)

B: Läuft bei dir. (It´s working out well for you, right?)


Situation 2 (ironically)

A: Du bist ganz schön fett geworden, ne? Läuft bei dir. (You gained quite a lot, right? Good for you…)