Marriage Vocabulary German

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Verliebt, verlobt, verheiratet…?!

In love, engaged, married…?! Up to you… But nevertheless you´ll maybe need some vocabulary to handle those single steps. We came up – with much love – with an overview of the vocabulary needed for Love and Marriage in German.

Let´s start with Part 2 ➤➤ It´s getting serious! (Read Part 1 ➤➤ Newly in Love)

Vocabulary Love Marriage in German


To take the next step, one usually proposes to their partner (der Antrag / der Heiratsantrag). If you get a positive response, you´re officially engaged (verlobt sein / die Verlobung). The fiancé (der Verlobte) and the fiancée (die Verlobte) start planning their wedding (die Hochzeit). Most of the time that is connected to a lot of stress. You don´t only have to get rings (der Ring, der Verlobungsring, der Ehering), but also a wedding dress (das Hochzeitskleid) for the bride (die Braut) and a suit (der Anzug) for the groom (der Bräutigam). Invitations (die Einladung) need to be sent out and it has yet to be decided who´s going to be the best man (der Trauzeuge) and the maid of honor (die Trauzeugin). Are you going to marry at the registry office (das Standesamt / standesamtliche Trauung) or also at the church (die Kirche / kirchliche Trauung)? Maybe the bride wants bridesmaids (die Brautjungfer) as well…

If everything on the To Do list is done and decided, it´s time for the bachelor party (der Junggesellenabschied) or the hens night (der Junggesellinnenabschied). A “last night in freedom” with the best friends before the wedding. Another tradition is the Eve-Of-Wedding-Party (der Polterabend). Porcelain that is brought along by the guests and is supposed to bring the couple good luck. The bridal couple (das Brautpaar) then has to clean up the pile of shards.

On the day of the wedding the couple is become wife (die Ehefrau) and husband (der Ehemann) and start off to their honey moon (die Flitterwochen).


Stay tuned Part 3 ➤➤ There will be tears: Love and Lovesickness