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The first Yomaro Frozen Yogurt shop opened in 2012 in Düsseldorf. Meanwhile there are 13 different locations within Germany. We have been huge fans since day one and wanted to introduce you to our “Yomaro Favourite”.  Better late than never…

In the beginning Frozen Yogurt was still quite unknown over here. But that changed quickly in the single cities as soon as Yomaro opened its stores. Yomaro became a popular alternative to ice cream. And the facts speak for themselves: The Frozen Yogurt contains skim milk and plain yoghurt. As a result is a fat content of only 1,5% and less than 100 calories in 100g. That makes Yomaro Frozen Yogurt way healthier than usual ice cream. And depending on the store you can even have your Frozen Yogurt lactose-free or vegan.

Pictures: instagram.com/yomaro_de/

A lot of times “healthier” doesn´t necessarily mean “tasty”. But Yomaro shows that it´s possible, because their Frozen Yogurt is incredibly good. In addition you have the choice of 40 different toppings and many sauces and fruit purees, that make every cup individually great. The toppings are prepared freshly every day: Starting from seasonal fruits over to chocolate and to cereals. Also the fruit purees are done freshly. The best-selling strawberry and raspberry purees are blended without any additives with just the pure fruits.

And if that weren´t enough reasons to love Yomaro, sustainability is extremely important.

The choice is yours

You can get the Yomaro Favourite for 4,50€: A medium sized cup with three toppings and one sauce. This offer is very fair, because a medium sized cup is actually quite big.

But after deciding that you want to order a Yomaro Favourite, the battle begins: Do you want the normal Frozen Yogurt or the lactose-free resp. vegan one? Which toppings and which sauce? Don´t worry no more: We´ll tell you our favourites.


Vanessa always orders…

… the lactose-free or vegan Frozen Yogurt, because she just likes the taste more. For toppings she chooses strawberries, melon and grapes. On top of that raspberry puree.

Yuta always orders…

…the normal Frozen Yogurt and makes it a “Yomaro New York Cheesecake”. For toppings he takes cheesecake, strawberries and brittle. Topped with strawberry puree et voilà!


You can find all the locations and opening hours here.

For more information also check their Facebookpage.