Cafe Cerisier

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Those who ever had the chance to try Japanese cakes, probably became addicted pretty fast. So finally there is a new Japanese Café again in Düsseldorf with exactly those yummy cakes. Of course we went to the opening and stuffed our faces with deliciousness!

This Monday opened the cosy Café Cerisier directly on the Immermannstraße. The entrance is shared with the hair salon “Mod’s Hair Privilege“. You can choose from a variety of cakes: Beside the popular Japanese Strawberry Cream Cake, there is also Green Tea Cake, Chocolate Cakeor the infamous Mont Blanc. Coffee, Tea and many other drinks are certainly on the menu as well. Needless to say that the cakes as well as the coffee taste very good!

For those who have no time to sit in a café, don´t have to live without good pastries. You can get take out or order some for events such as weddings or birthdays.

For the record: Everyday from 10am to 2pm you can get coffee or tea for 1,50€ when ordering a cake.