Sesto Senso München

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Because of the geographical closeness to Italy, Munich is famous for its authentic Italian food. We were lucky enough to live close to one of those good Italian restaurants and want to introduce to you the Sesto Senso.

The pizzeria and bar with the “Sixth Sense” offers extremely delicious and huge wood stove pizza at prices you wouldn´t expect in Munich. A Pizza Quattro Stagioni for instance costs 7,90 Euro. While nibbling on your focaccia or drinking half a litre of coke for 3,50 Euro (we´re so jealous of the prices for beverages in Munich!!) and watch the pizza chef kneading the dough.

Tip: Trying the buffalo mozzarella is mandatory!!

Sesto Senso München

For those who rather stay at home or have to eat in the office, still can stuff their faces with everything that is on the menu and have it delivered (within a 3km radius).The best thing about that: You don´t need to hurry to an ATM since you can pay with your debit card (Let them know when you order).




Sesto Senso in der Au: Ohlmüllerstraße 12 – 81541 Munich

Sesto Senso im Westend: Bergmannstraße 28 – 80339 Munich

Opening Hours

Mo to Fr 11:30am – 2:30pm and 5:30pm – 11:00pm, Sa and So 4:00pm – 11:00pm


Telephone: 089 62 26 93 30

There are plenty of parking in the Ohlmüllerstraße! Buon Appetito.