Olive Hilden

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We enjoyed our last visit in Hilden that much, that we took advantage of the good weather and went to the old market in Hilden one more time. Strolling around you´ll notice that there are two restaurants with almost the same name: The “Olive” and the “Kleine Olive”. Do they belong together? Or is it a coincidence? We visited both to solve this extremely thrilling puzzle…


While you can´t overlook the Kleine Olive directly at the old marke, the Olive is a little hidden in the Mittelstraße. Other than that you can find many similarities: Both restaurants are half-timbered houses with beautiful terraces. Also the menus look quite similar. Those who want to order salads, soups, pasta or schnitzel, will find make a find in both places. We decided to eat at the Kleine Olive and to get a beer afterwards at the Olive. The waitress then explained to us that the restaurants used to be one, but not anymore. So the answer actually wasn´t that exciting, but nevertheless the food was very good! After that we went over to the Olive to sit on a terrace again. But this time a little more idyllic with lots of flowers and plants.

Olive or Kleine Olive?

Even though we only ate at the Kleine Olive, we liked both restaurants. Both places were great and the staff was very friendly. Just regarding the overall appearance and atmosphere Olive has a little more to offer. But in the end we can confidently recommend both restaurants!


Olive: Mittelstraße 70a, 40721 Hilden

Website: www.olive-hilden.com


Kleine Olive: Am Markt 6, 40721 Hilden

Website: www.kleine-olive.de