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Those who just gave birth to their first child in Düsseldorf will quite possibly hear from the Jugendamt (youth welfare office) soon, because their is a service of visiting young parents and their first born called Elternbesuchsdienst. We wanted to share our positive experience with that service.

Besides some welcome gifts you´ll get a lot of good and useful information about many different offers (such as toddler groups, music education, changing facilities, child care, father-child-groups and many more) for families in the single districts of Düsseldorf. That will save you a lot of time that you would normally have to search for those infos.

On top of that you´ll receive a coupon for 1x baby swimming that you can use up until the baby is 8 months.

By the way, there is a family card for Düsseldorf. It is free of charge and you can get discounts in many different places and facilities. You only have to fill out this application and submit or send it by mail. More information here.

You will get a notification about the Elternbesuchsdienst and they will suggest a date and time. Of course you can shift the date, but we can only recommend to take advantage of this service.

Obviously this service does not only exist in Düsseldorf, but also in other cities of Germany!