german onomatopoetika

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Learning onomatopoeia in a foreign language is quite hard, because it is something that you normally learn by heart during your childhood. We want to show you some of the most used onomatopoeia and exclamations in German:

onomatopoetika deutsch
onomatopoetika deutsch
1. dog

2. cat

3. pig

4. rooster

5. cow

6. sheep / goat

7. donkey

8. frog / duck

9. bee

10. elephant

11. fish

onomatopoetika deutsch
1. when you don´t like something

2. when you find something disgusting

3. when it´s cold

4. when presenting
onomatopoetika deutsch
5. when you´re happy about something

6. when you don´t understand something


1. when surprised

2. when you can´t believe what somebody is telling you

3. when you need time to think or look for a word

4. when you need somebody to be quiet

5. when something is yummy

6. when you´re feeling pain

7. “ooops”

8. when sneezing

9. when you need somebody to be quicker