Why Germany?

Over the last years, Germany has become increasingly popular as a travel destination. Certainly one reason is that Germany offers great cities, which are significantly cheaper when compared to New York, Paris or London.

For those who love big cities and don’t want to miss out on nightlife, shopping and lifestyle, Berlin, Munich or Dusseldorf won’t disappoint. Those wanting to be close to water will feel at home in the north of Germany, especially Hamburg. If you’re looking for some place to rest and recover, the Black Forest and Saxon Switzerland are just two of the many beautiful nature reserves on offer in Germany.

Germany is definitely worth a try, not only for travelling, but also for those wanting to stay a longer term, or even to start a new life. From an economic point of view, Germany is a very successful country and many German companies represent that excellent “Made in Germany” quality worldwide. This could explain why the German language is becoming more and more important outside of Germany. Not only will you find German companies all over the world, but also German travellers.

Of course, other foreign language skills can be very helpful as well. Over 7 million foreign citizens and even double as many people with a migration background live in Germany. Every year the number of people looking for a new home, a new job, or a new challenge grows. So, if you’re someone who can’t live without travelling, countries like France, Spain, Great Britain or Italy are just around the corner. Simply jump on a train or plane and discover new cities within a few hours….

The idea behind Greenhorn Germany is to help you to start your life in Germany. Often the decision to start a new life in a foreign country is associated with dozens of questions and problems. However, together with our team you can overcome things like preparation, arrival, paper work, foreign language and many other hurdles, without letting the exciting experiences of being in another country fall short.

Why Greenhorn Germany?

Of course you can start a new life in a foreign county on your own. This path can be quite exciting. What we do: We help you without taking away any of this excitement! We make sure that you don’t waste time and money by stepping in decisively in certain situations.

And if you “just” want to have a vacation trip in Germany, we can help with that as well! We just happen to know much more than is written in guide books.