Allee Cafe Düsseldorf

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Germany is the nation of bread. Over 300 different types of breads are offered for every kind of taste. And the German bread has an excellent international reputation. So even worse that you more and more get quite dry bread at the huge bakery chains. Fortunately we found a great bakery in Düsseldorf, where all the baked goods are still freshly produced directly inside the shop: The Allee-Café at Wehrhahn. Read more »

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We found this amusing article titled 19 signs you learned to drink in Germany on Matadornetwork. Probably every person living in Germany or everyone who has ever been drinking in Germany can relate at least to some of those things… We´ve cut it down to our favourite Top 12. So find out if you have been learning how to drink in Germany and check the other 7 signs here… PROST…!!
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Manga Hof Düsseldorf

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It is no secret that many Japanese people live in Düsseldorf and that because of that fact there are are many Japanese restaurants and shops. Beside all those restaurants there are also Japanese book stores, hair salons, karaoke, kindergarten and even a temple. For some time past there has also been a “Manga Café” in Düsseldorf. In Japan you can find those everywhere. We visited the Manga Café “Manga Hof” located on the Oststraße and we´ll show you what is expecting you there and why it´s not only a nice spot for “Manga-Freaks”…

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