Hilden Eis Kiste

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Slowly summer is making its way to Germany! But we are not the only ones excited for the warm temperatures: Everybody comes out as soon as the sun is shining. And if you want to enjoy the sun and get a yummy ice cream, you´re definitely not the only one with such a splendid idea. So there has been a queue in front of every ice cream shop in Düsseldorf. But don´t worry, we found a good solution for days like that: Exploring the little cities around Düsseldorf! This week we´ve been to Hilden.

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In every German city you will find a place at the station or in a shopping street, where you can buy and eat kebap. It´s actually really hard to stand out in the Döner dynasty in Germany. But if you make it there, you´ll make it anywhere… We would like to show you one “Dönerbude” in Berlin, that is not really an insider´s tip anymore but that successfully made it: Mustafa’s Gemüsekebap.

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