When you find yourself in a foreign country, language is always an important issue. Whether you are looking for a job, or you just want to order something in a restaurant, knowing the language is the key to success!

Suitable for daily use

That is why we put emphasis on a success-oriented language class. The German language that you will learn with us is practical, authentic and modern. Because we want to give every student as much attention as possible, we first and foremost offer private lessons.

Full Flexibility

With private lessons you are not bound to specific time tables and you can also adjust your schedule to your work and free time. In this way, we are able to offer you a lesson programme which is exactly tailored for your needs.

Furthermore, we provide special lessons, where you can quickly and efficiently study needed vocabulary, grammar and expressions for topics like “Application”, “Daily Life Language” or “Driving Licence”.

Native Speaker Instructor

Our teachers are licensed native speaker instructors, who have also themselves studied foreign languages. So they know about the problems and struggles that will occur with learning a new language and will patiently help you overcome these, ensuring that you will make great progress.


References (Excerpt)

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Private Lesson35,-€ (60 Min.)
Special Class50,-€ (60 Min.)
Skype25,-€ (60 Min.)